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What is a Website and For What Purposes Does It Serve?

We would like to give a general explanation to the question of what is a website. The shortest answer we can give to the question of what is a website: It is a form of promotion and sharing shaped with graphic design and web software languages ​​that are hosted on the internet network. Websites, or other websites, make themselves accessible through the addresses they publish on the online medium, thanks to this technological infrastructure formation, they can make their own promotions and access their visitors, just like street shops or street signs. Web sites are built into hosting servers and can be accessed through domain resolution. They are displayed on computer screens through Internet browser programs and can interact with the user.

What is a Website?

Let's elaborate on What is a Website...
A website may consist of only one page, or it may be positioned as a stack of pages that can be walked through. Some websites only have a static structure, but content-enriched websites are designed and coded in a dynamic structure. HTML, CSS, JS, Asp.Net, PHP etc. during coding. It is working by kneading with software variants. Websites that meet their sellers as a service product produced by web design agencies are used for many purposes and serve the purposes of sales, promotion, education, education, interaction, sharing and communication. They serve as an intermediary to bring the resources they offer in these areas together with internet users.

Examples of Website Types

  • Online sales sites
  • News sites
  • Promotion sites
  • Blog sites
  • Corporate websites
  • Personal websites
  • Sharing sites
  • Forum sites

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