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Web Site Security

Easy security and economical tools.

The Internet is a complex and enormous place. Moreover, your website depends on everything here. This is a good thing! But it's also an unsafe thing. Unsecured websites send and receive unencrypted data that can be monitored, modified or stolen.

SSL certificates.

When users visit an unsafe site, their browser warns them: This link is not secure. This looks bad. It shakes trust. It should be so. These websites are not guaranteed to be safe. No SSL certificates.

An SSL certificate is what provides trusted sites with the security lock icon in the address bar. This lock icon shows visitors that you care about their data. It looks safe and you make the internet safer.

Along with the security lock, SSL certificates ensure that all data that comes and goes to your site is encrypted, allowing it to be changed or abused. However, there are multiple ways to disrupt websites.

Website Security and backup.

Fortunately, attacks, unexpected downtime and worse can be avoided. Website Security scans your site for malicious activities and alerts you if something (or someone) tries to deal with your data.

If anything happens, Avaken for Website Security will clean the infected site INSTANTLY. The best thing you can do to protect a secure site is to back it up on a daily basis. With Avaken guarantee, you will have the peace of mind to know that a safe company is with you when you need it with Website Backup.

This is how adding security to your website is insurance policy and investment. Invest in your organization, brand, showcase and social space with complete protection of website security tools. This is the easiest way to stay safe and secure.

Malware does not distinguish.

In fact, this is an equal opportunity threat because most malware attacks are triggered by automation, which literally means everyone is the target. If you catch a virus and don't have an emergency response mechanism like Avaken Website Security, it can do more than block your site; it can ruin your reputation and drive your potential customers away.

Think of it this way: Securing your site is like locking the door of your home at night. If you lock your doors, you significantly reduce the risk of this intruder (or unwanted) access. You sleep, Lock Your Door Avaken.