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Special Web Software

The topic of web software is an issue especially internet users are curious about. He is wondering how to make websites that Internet users can enter with a single click. In this context, the stages of web software are gathered under two basic headings.

User Interview

In the first stage, internet users call the desired site from the server they want from the browser. It easily sees the logo, design and content of the site it calls. This is the stage that the internet user can see.

User Cannot See

The second stage consists of the sections that the website called by the internet user cannot see. This stage is intended to allow the user to use the site he / she calls from the browser comfortably and without difficulty and to reach the desired content safely. We can say this is the brain of the website we are talking about.

After logging into the website, all of these sections that the user cannot see, go through a very serious audit and control. The websites were offered to the users through various protocols during the initial spread of the Internet. Since the user was not asked to enter any information in the period we mentioned, the sites seemed plain and simple. But later on, the internet became more widespread, and websites developed a lot in this context. Currently, there are areas such as banking and e-commerce. However, platforms such as social media have emerged. If you pay attention, you need to provide certain information to enter all these platforms we mentioned. For example, to take advantage of internet banking, you have to enter information such as name, surname, telephone number, T.R. ID number and address. At this stage, what we call web software has come into play and various methods have been developed to ensure the security of this information.


The web software called HTML is simple and easy to use compared to other software. In sites that use this type of web software, the user sees what information he wants to show to the user what and where the user wants the site owner to see. It is impossible for the user to add anything to the site.

Net, ASP, PHP, Java Script, Flash etc. web software,

The output purpose of this type of web software is to add various features to websites prepared with HTML software. For example, a site owner wants to get their interview and suggestions.. In this context, they can learn these views and suggestions by using the software languages ​​in the title. In this way, the site owner saves the information to the database, which is almost impossible for the users. Today, these software languages ​​are used in order to use the banking sites, e-commerce and social networking sites mentioned above. However, it is possible to use such sites through these software languages.

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