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Social Media Ads

Overview of Social Media Advertising

The most striking thing to know about social media is that the media has quickly changed its form and became social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms are now serving you to create a new personal network; You should get the advantages that you cannot get from other channels of the media by contacting with select.

Brands are now able to establish close contact with their users thanks to social media, advertise to the target audience at the right time and increase their brand value. Digital figures are very low compared to digital channels. However, getting a return from a social media advertisement that you will publish by communicating with your target audience has a higher rate.

What Benefits Do We Provide to Your Company?

Effective and timely advertisement display with the right audience analysis and timing
Enabling effective and optimized ads to be displayed with different discourses and visuals through campaign breakdowns
Effective reporting and campaign interpretation
Thanks to using your options correctly, we increase your brand and increase your sales by delivering your ads to target audiences. We conduct market research, create campaigns and promotions and keep your target audience and social media accounts alive with Avaken quality.

Why Avaken?

Avaken allows you to walk 10 years of experience to your reflective goals (KPI) effectively and surely in social media advertising accounts.