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Conversion Optimization

The most important issue that affects the performance of web servers is software. Selecting and configuring these softwares according to the server hardware, the status of the websites that will broadcast in the server defines the concept of server optimization. With a successful server optimization, server resources are used at a minimum level, server performance is increased, the rate of surprise problems that may arise is minimized.

It is very important for digital marketing and conversion processes to analyze in detail how internet users use your web page and heat map. By conducting a usability test, you can fully uncover the behavior your customers show you.

In order for your visitors to become your potential customers, the application of conversion optimization is critical in order to draw up the necessary plans.

Turn Your Visitors To Potential Customers

User tests (A / B Tests) for evaluating the effects of your website in terms of conversion enables you to deliver your products and services to wider audiences at cheaper cost.

You can get maximum efficiency with Avaken quality thanks to professionally applied conversion optimization from the advertising work you have done about your company's products and services.

During this optimization process, which is carried out in integration with your advertising efforts, you can see a noticeable increase in the conversion rates of your visitors to your potential customers.

In this optimization process, where the behavior of users is also discussed socially, you can take your firm's future steps more firmly. Determining your most frequently visited and preferred products or increasing the user experience of your website / applications is a situation that you can benefit for the future in many ways.

Why Avaken?

With our Avaken conversion optimization experts, we provide you with maximum efficiency with your current marketing budget. Thus, while your sales numbers increase, we increase your visitor traffic and create a more user-friendly application / website.