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Mobile Game Development

Mobile Game Development Service

Computer technologies, digital devices and games played on these devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. Our company, which provides services in digital game design, game development processes management and production, develops educational games, event games, kinect games, web games, AR and VR games, mobile games.

Especially on the mobile game side, the increase in the number of smartphones has increased the need and demand for game development. With the developing mobile technology, it has increased the quality and content especially in the mobile game industry, and has enabled mobile games to take the biggest share in the game market. The mobile game market continues to grow day by day.

Game Development

As Avaken, we are developing games to platforms such as Android, iOS, webOS, MacOS, Steam. We can design the game completely according to your wishes. Moving on to the detailed explanation;

Quality character : A special character will be made according to the game type you want. Also, if you want to send this character, we can use it.

Quality objects : Objects that embellish the game or focus on killing characters can be used within the game. We have monsters, thorns, trees, stones, birds and thousands of special items for Avaken that can decorate the game you can think of.

Game modes : We can make 3 standard game modes as endless, progressive and quiz. If you think of a different type of game, if you tell, we can do it too.

Add Advertisement to the Game

Admob, the world's most profitable and reliable earning method, is offered by Google. With Avaken, we integrate this system into your game and ensure you earn money.


We integrate the leaderboards into your game and enable users to compete with each other.

Google Play Store / App Store Service

We can meet all your needs to upload your game to Google Play Store / App Store;

  • Game description
  • Game visuals that differentiate from others specifically for your game
  • Tablet designs specific to your game (required for playing on tablets)
  • Include your game in the Families and Children program and reach more audiences
  • Making the necessary optimizations for your game to have the highest rating
  • Preparing the privacy certificate required for publishing in Google Play Store / App Store
  • ASO optimization

and we prepare all the details to upload your game to the Google Play Store / App Store.

Game Interface Design

We make unique game interface designs. We are preparing the design studies globally so that your game can be played by the whole world. We can have the best design according to your wishes and suggestions.

Game Logo Design

We can prepare high quality logo suitable for your game. Since we work in high resolution, you can use it easily in prints such as glasses, t-shirts etc. We also offer sizes that you can share on social media.

Game Sounds

Sounds specially prepared for the game will be used. We have the ability to add thousands of sounds such as gold tone, winning sound, dying sound, jumping sound, falling sound, scared sound.

Notification Service

You can send special notifications to users who have uploaded to your game. If there is a new update of the game or you want to make a new contest and notify your users, you can reach all users by sending a notification.

Support Service

Google Admob : We are a member of Admob, Google's revenue generation system, we can create the necessary ad codes and integrate them into the game.

Google Developer Account : You need to have a Developer account to be able to install apps & games on Google Play. We can do all the necessary steps for you or explain the stages for you.

Installing Games on Google Play : We can illustrate you all the steps and needs required to install apps & games on Google Play.

Apple Developer Account : You must have a Developer account to be able to upload apps & games to the Apple app store. We can do all the necessary steps for you or explain the stages for you.