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We open your e-store with our rich content, easy-to-use, concept designs and package software named Avaken, we provide you and your employees with special e-commerce services with Avaken quality.

Turkey's e-commerce sector, especially in recent times has become a medium attended by the young and dynamic Housed entrepreneurs. Increasing adaptation to technologies, increasing population, offering advanced payment alternatives, widespread use of computers and Internet etc. reasons take their place among the factors affecting the rapid acceleration of the sector. The sector is still developing rapidly but lags behind the potential.

The fact that the internet is very abundant in our daily lives can cause changes even in our socializing activities. This change process reveals itself in shopping preferences that it has the share of social life. Customers now go shopping online to save time and costs instead of buying products in a physical store. Consumers are reaching the product they are looking for or need in the fastest way by making a price comparison online. Nevertheless, we can say to Avaken that they can double their sales to their entrepreneurs who decide to move their physical store to online environment.

If you are an entrepreneur with a physical store, you can quickly expand the target audience of your products or services by making a quick introduction to e-commerce with Avaken. It encourages individuals or companies to step into e-commerce with the incentives and decisions they make in the state.

So What is E-commerce Services?

Companies that want to grow by moving their physical store to e-commerce offer e-commerce services. The important thing from e-commerce services is to decide on the right infrastructure and choose to work with a company that is constantly available. Along with the increase in the sites in the sector, there has been an increase in e-commerce companies. However, while quality and e-commerce services are at the forefront for some companies, some companies leave their customers half way.

The Avaken e-commerce services to be offered vary specifically for individuals or firms, or thanks to additional modules, requests and needs of individuals or firms are met. Recently, another important point in e-commerce services is the provision of seo compatible e-commerce infrastructure. Seo compatible e-commerce is more about the internal structure than visual. It is aimed at ensuring SEO compatibility in software and success in search engines. While many infrastructure companies provide this to their customers, some companies do not have this feature. This will make you come to the top, no matter how much seo work you do. For this reason, we suggest you pay attention to these while setting up an e-commerce site.

E-commerce Services In addition, there are multiple ready-made template options and color choices in e-commerce services, as well as many advanced features such as social media links, invoice modules, marketplace integrations, and more. In addition, panel trainings, transmission of seo related documents, video and visual presentations are also listed in the e-commerce services provided by the companies.

E-commerce Services

One of the services provided by e-commerce companies is technical support service. Technical support service is a service offered by companies providing infrastructure to site owners. This service includes details about design and software, information about the site, and precautions and studies for preliminary interventions regarding the problems experienced. A company that provides infrastructure should be accessible 24/7 by site owners, because e-commerce sites continue to sell without interruption like staff working at all times. As such, e-commerce companies will not be able to withhold their help in developing solutions and developments for site owners. You should also pay attention to these while stepping into e-commerce, and you should not fall into loss when you make a profit.