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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

You can provide you with the best service in order to sustain and survive your presence in the digital world, and we are developing various strategies to improve your development. We are continuing our work with the awareness that the future analysis and strategies will bring the dimensions to the best place.

SEO Service and SEO Consulting

Avaken offers you ways to rise in search engines. In order to rise to the top in search engines and better show your target audience in the internet world, there is a relevance for long-term and permanent SEO services with our web applications. Thanks to our professional staff and expert team that constantly follow the search engine algorithms, you are never left behind.

UI and UX Optimization

It develops UI & UX optimizations for your brand by offering designs that are most suitable for your work and for your target audience.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing / Ads)

We keep your advertising costs to a minimum so that you can carry you to the top in search engines and offer your products and services for your target audience. It is necessary to examine your budget at lower levels so that it is reserved for advertisement. In this process, we also draw out analysis of your competitors.

Conversion Optimization

In the digital world, we do not act solely on the basis of your visitor numbers and density. For us, the importance of your work is as important as the density of the visitors and how they approach. We create a harmony by balancing the contribution of your visitors and your work.

Social Media Advertising

Social media ads; It offers different and point-to-point solutions for your brand's marketing, with affordable budgets, high conversion rates and effective results. As Avaken; We prepare social media ads in accordance with the marketing strategy of your brand or options, manage these ads and report to you in detail.

Social media management

Your social media accounts; It should be managed by components that are experts in their area and that can communicate properly with communities. We are reached on social media with the management mass that is reached on social media. By choosing original and interesting content about your industry, we share it on this screen, manage the incoming interaction and data correctly, and turn access and interaction sites into customers.

Content Marketing

While you are not able to deliver the right advertisement to the right target audience while doing advertisement work, it is inevitable that your work will go to waste. As Avaken, we act with the awareness of this situation and work effectively at the right place and at the right time, and we are able to attract our attention with the content and content.

Media Planning and Purchasing

The transition of marketing strategies in digital media to the implementation phase. It is the first rule to adjust the resource planning of the marketing investments you will establish in the internet, and to use your limited resources in the most effective way. With its experience and experience in this field, Avaken creates the necessary media plan for your company and makes purchases.

Programmatic Purchase & RTB

"Programmatic purchasing (programmatic purchasing)" is the name given in the transaction process of optimization of advertising purchases and media inventory in the rules / criteria chain. RTB fiction reduces advertising expenses of our company in terms of purchasing and optimization.

Online Reputation Management

Are you welcomed with annoying content you don't want to see about your name, brand or product on Google or any search engine? If your answer is "Yes", let's improve your search and development and make your face laugh with our team with 15 years of experience in reputation management.

Web Analysis Consultancy

Avaken; For Google Analytics, Omniture and Avaken Analytics, you need to analyze and report your website professionally and have a higher conversion from your website.