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By defining the required architecture and workflows in the corporate structure, Avaken develops the need to create value in the operation of the system and data. Avaken, acting independently of brand and platform in all its services, acts objectively to provide the most ideal solution in size. It offers an end-to-end solution for all kinds of demands and needs related to application development and integration of applications in different systems in the platforms required for J2EE and .NET.

Avaken is a business partner capable of providing the most suitable solution in size with the experience of developer software solutions for different sectors and its professional staff, each of which is used in different technologies. It includes the architecture and workflows suitable for the business structures of our institution by combining the accumulations with sectoral expertise under management and technology; It develops to create value in the system and configuration business needed.

Platform independent choices

Avaken, as in all projects, is a product and brand independent working approach. Avaken are different systems for reviewing information technologies.

End-to-end solution

Avaken is an end-to-end solution that is required at all stages from design to support operations in software projects that meet your demands. After the analysis phase, conceptual and visual designs of your projects are made by Avaken Design Group. See your opinion in application and interface designs, prototypes for design design over the internet. In an advanced way, each interface is designed for your wishes and needs. The benefits of the project are made at the initial stage. Following technical designs and information security designs, coding sub-selection is reflected on prototypes for development development over the internet. While working with a professional understanding, it is possible to follow your application development project from beginning to end.

Project management

Avaken creates a project team for any application development project. This team, project managers; responsible solution experts in analysis, modeling and design activities; network and security experts to design technical architecture; art director consists of visual and conceptual design experts and software experts. The project can be completed entirely by the Avaken team, or it can be completed by transferring knowledge and experience with the partner team.

Avaken also provides observation, examinations and training services for software projects that your institution conducts.

Process management model

Avaken has developed a unique process management model to provide high quality applications. This methodology can be considered as a kind of framework (framework). The process includes all stages of the System Development Life Cycle (System Development Life Cycle), from the initial concepts to successful completion, and the application development activities required for a successful project. The process management model is designed to use successful methods such as object-oriented system development, interactive design and prototyping, using Avaken's experience.

Experience in different technologies and platforms

Avaken project development and support team has deep knowledge and application accumulation in J2EE and .NET advanced technology platforms as well as traditional application tools such as C, C #, Visual Basic and PowerBuilder. Oracle 10g, IBM WebSphere and Microsoft .NET certified software experts, both Java and. They develop high performance and effective software using CASE and modeling tools, high technology application development platforms and global standards.

Avaken, the largest carried out in Turkey and abroad and is a leading company with a distributed system projeleryl has a significant knowledge in software development for specialized expertise on technology platforms.

Technical architecture and security design

In addition to software development activities, Avaken creates the system and topology design of the software and the platform it will work on; performs projects of performance, scalability, successful and running. Access and authorization planning is done for your design; Security measures are taken against threats and risks caused by internal and external resources, and it fully complies with security standards.

Support after commissioning

Well-planned and accessible support service should be provided at any time for the successful implementation and execution of the completed projects. In order to ensure perfect customer satisfaction, Avaken has created an internet-based support system. This support system provides fast and efficient execution of support services with its delegation and escalation mechanisms. With this support site, you are provided with the necessary information at every step of the problem resolution process; The quality of the service is evaluated on the basis of problem or periodic reports.