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When it comes to AMP website, you should not think of a completely different management or a very different form. AMP has coding differences, which does not affect the use of your website. For example, if you have a website, you learned to add, manage, etc. You will not learn anything new with AMP, you can continue to add and manage content as you know. AMP creates changes in the coding structure of your current site, it will not affect your appearance or usage.

AMP design and installation is done in the same way as normal web design and installation.

You can use AMP in different ways. For example, if you have a normal responsive website, you can use AMP on the mobile as a desktop version. We cannot say that it has 100% impact on search results, but we have observed many times that sites made with amps stand out in mobile search results.

I have an existing website. Can we convert it to AMP?

This varies depending on the status of your current website and what infrastructure it is built with. We have converted many websites made with php infrastructure into AMP, but to say this is guaranteed, your existing site should be examined through Avaken.

Can you make a website suitable for every sector with AMP?

With our new design tools, we can now make Avaken AMP web design suitable for every sector.

Can you make AMP only on mobile?

Yes, it is possible to make your mobile version AMP, but as Avaken, we recommend doing AMP in both versions (desktop and mobile).

Does E Commerce site become AMP?

If you are just starting AMP in e commerce sites, it may be difficult to convert an existing e commerce site to AMP so you can use the e-commerce site's infrastructure providers if there is an AMP module.

Is it guaranteed top rankings on google with AMP?

Top rankings on Google are never guaranteed, but we have observed that many sites using AMP are at the forefront.

Do I need a dedicated server to use AMP website?

AMP works on all linux and windows servers depending on the infrastructure used like other sites, there is no special AMP server.

What is the most suitable infrastructure for AMP?

It is possible to make an AMP website with any infrastructure, regardless of the infrastructure for AMP.

Is seo optimization possible with AMP?

Of course. SEO optimization, which is valid for all other sites, is valid for AMP websites.